Chevron Global Lubricants Workshop

Chevron Global Lubricants provides advanced products for industrial, commercial and consumer applications and is a leader in finished lubricants and the leading global producer of premium base oil.

Chevron is currently embarking on a new roll out for Chevron's Lubricant Brands.  It is called Chevron Global Lubricants Workshop and are divided into three Workshop types:

  1. Full Brand Workshop (Havoline, Delo & Ursa Xpress Lube).
  2. Co-Brand Workshop (Havoline, Delo & Ursa Xpress Lube).
  3. Installer Workshop (Havoline, Delo & Ursa Xpress Lube).

First African Holdings (FAH) had the opportunity to manufacture signage for a Co-Branded Delo Xpress Lube Workshop.  The Workshop, located in Polokwane, is called Franco Bulk Transport Delo Xpress Lube Workshop and the main aim of the workshop is to deliver maintenance services for medium/large trucks.

FAH  quoted on the project in November 2014 and the order was submitted in December 2014. Chevron supplied them with all the artwork for the different signage ordered and their design department started the design process in January 2015.

FAH contracted Erion Signs and the first batch of signs were dispatched at the end on March 2015.  The client ordered 2 pylons, which were to be installed by themselves.   FAH manufactured the pylons and were also responsible for supplying and installation of the building interior & exterior signs.

Apart from a variety of interior and exterior Delo wall- and door signs, FAH also supplied and installed a lot of “Waiting Room”-, “Restroom”- and “Lets Go Further”signs.