First African Holdings has supplied Engen with signage for over a decade. 

We’re used to working on tight deadlines for them and in one of our early projects for them we were able to design, prototype, manufacture and install a full set of signage at 13 sites in just eight weeks. 
That commitment to delivering quality signage solutions at short deadlines has ensured that First African Holdings became the preferred manufacturer of signage for Engen in South Africa and other African countries including Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. 
Signage components we have manufactured for Engen include: Pylons, Directional Signage, Canopies, Spreaders, Shopfront Signs and Internal-bulkhead Signs.
A Engen fuel station brought to life at night with a fully upgraded signage solution featuring; canopies, shop front signs, internal bulkhead signs and directional signage.Custom designed pylon sign, outside an Engen petrol station in South Africa. Along with Engen, the pylon is also branded with Quick Shop, Woolworths and Food Stop. Close up of the top of a custom engineered pylon sign at a Engen petrol station in South Africa.A custom engineered pylon sign, outside an Engen service station in South Africa. The canopy of the service station, enhanced with modern cladding can be seen in the background.

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