Ghana Oil (GOIL)

Ghana Oil approached First African Holdings in 2011 with a request that we manufacture a full suite of signage for two of its new retail sites.

As we were provided with detailed designs and specifications by the client we were able to prototype, manufacture and ship a full set of pylons, canopy fascias with LED lighting, logos and lettersets, canopy columns which included a unique column unit representing elephant tusks, and ACM cladding for their car wash and vehicle service station.

The entire set of signage was made and shipped to Accra less than four months after Ghana Oil first made contact with us.

A First African Holdings rigger travelled to Accra where he spent a fortnight assisting with the installation and training a local installation team. Having delivered a complex project in record time Ghana Oil rewarded us with a series of additional orders.

High rise pylon sign in the process of being installed at a Goil fuel station in Ghana.High rise Goil pylon sign being loaded onto the back of a flat bed truck using a crane.Goil fuel station with scaffolding on the exterior, in the process of being upgraded with modern signage components.Column fascia and petrol pump at a Goil fuel station in the process of being updgraded with modern signage elements.3D LED signage and a ladder on the exterior of a Goil petrol station.

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