Sakunda Energy

Sakunda Energy is a leading fuel supplier in Zimbabwe that is expanding. They know the importance of branding and advertising, and so approached First African Holdings to design, manufacture and install industrial signage at their various sites around the country. 

The first two sites were going to be Sakunda’s flagship sites and needed to be built from the ground up. This meant a completely new design of pylon, canopy cladding, spreaders, trash valets, column cladding and shop front signage.  

We worked alongside Sakunda to come up with a design plan they were satisfied with, which was practical and effective, while remaining within their budget. 

We used 3D modelling software to conceptualise the design, which helped us give Sakunda a good idea of what the final product would look like. The corner of the curved cladding offered a bit of a technical challenge but it was eventually sorted out. 

After prototyping and building the pylons and signage, they were shipped from our premises in Somerset West and taken to Johannesburg to a depot. From there it was taken through Beitbridge into Zimbabwe to Mutare. The rest of the signs were sent to the second site in Harare.

Upon delivery, the rigger took over. We only use qualified experienced riggers because of the stringent safety specifications laid down by the fuelling companies.

Sakunda was very pleased with the results, and are currently using Mutare’s site pictures on their website. They have since then commissioned us for another entire site as well.

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