Safety Standards

First African Holdings takes a strong approach towards the health and safety of all our employees in and around our factory, and our rigging teams who install structural signage and carry out maintenance work on our client sites.
The health and safety of workers on construction sites has always been a concern as there are many dangers present, from incorrectly installed scaffolding platforms and faulty machinery, to electrical, fire and explosion hazards.
With increased levels of production and the current economic climate, the higher frequency of construction; shorter deadlines and limited budgets can mean that more accidents are possible. Issues that arise as a result of accidents include loss of productivity, damage to property and equipment, and workman’s compensation pay-outs.
At First African Holdings, we stand firmly by our motto of “Showing the Way”, especially where the health and safety of our employees and sub-contractors is a concern, and we try to lead the signage industry by employing the highest levels of safety standards through a rigid system of control that we have created.
Showing full compliance towards the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act of 1997, the Construction Regulation 2014, and by enlisting the help of a third-party safety-auditing company, House of Safety, who is an accredited member of SAOISH, we make sure that potential accidents are significantly reduced by doing the following:
  • Annual rigging company audits
  • Mandatory safety compliance through contractual agreements
  • Regular onsite inspections and audits that include checks for:
    • Correct safety and qualification documentation
    • Correct procedure of equipment handling and storage
    • Safe practises and adherence to procedure while working at height
    • The use of signage to indicate potential danger spots to workers and the public
    • Correctly functioning machinery, and;
    • Fire safety equipment and its availability in the case of an accidental fire
Specialising primarily in the downstream oil industry, we have successfully complied with some of the most rigid client-specific safety standards in the world and use this experience to apply similar standards through all our other areas of operation that include the Automotive, Retail, Franchise and Financial Services sectors.
As a leader in our field, First African Holdings is committed to showing you the way and setting the standards on safety practises, getting the job done effectively, efficiently and safely.

Our Safety, Health and Quality systems are managed by a dedicated Health,Safety & Quality Manager, with over 20 years expierence in the Construction and Manufacturing Industry. 

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