Working with Drupal

As one of the continent’s leading signage manufacturers we work with some of the most advanced software modeling programmes available so when we decided to rebuild our website, we wanted to make sure we were using the best web development framework available.

After some research, we appointed Rogerwilco to create a broader digital marketing programme for us which centred on a new website built using the Drupal open source framework.

Rogerwilco advised us to pick a Drupal website for a number of reasons. Its straightforward content management system makes it incredibly easy for our own staff to update the website. Our marketing team can now add news releases, load new product descriptions and tweak other content in an instant.

We also liked Drupal’s modular architecture. Although we don’t have a need for advanced ecommerce facilities or moderation features, we like the idea that Drupal is built from a core framework onto which functional components (modules) can be added. This means that if our business needs change in the coming years, it’s a simple process to tweak the site adding new functionality as necessary – there are over 18 000 pre-configured themes and modules which have been created by a community of over 20 000 active developers, so we won’t be stuck for choice when making site enhancements.

Lastly, we quite like the idea of being in the same company as the US White House. After all, it’s only a small shift from the corner office to the oval office. The president’s residence is which is among the millions of organisations worldwide who have adopted Drupal as their preferred web platform.

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