Corrosion Protection in a (very small) nutshell

In the signage and cladding industry, we heavily depend on the aesthetic.  Understandably our client’s main focus is on the “look and feel” of their desired product.  The bulk of their attention during design goes into aspects such as the impact of corporate colours, fonts and logos and how these...
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The Power of Wind

As a keen amateur cyclist that lives in a windy coastal area, I always try to plan my routes beforehand to minimize my wind exposure. No matter how carefully I plan, it regularly happens that I find myself at the end of a long ride, with my ‘fuel running low’,...
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Proudly Serving your brand

One of our customers recently requested that, “based on our company’s experience”, we make a set of recommendations to assist them with baseline decisions on signage elements, possible manufacturing and installation risks, as well as on material specifications and standards. I must honestly say that my first reaction was one...
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