The canopy is probably the most prominent structure at any service station.  It plays a vital role in the safety of the service station, but also provides a highly visible space for the fitment of branded signage.

Since 1998 First African has been providing quality signage to leading brands throughout Africa.  From experience, we know that most problematic signage installations can be traced back to the manufacturing quality of the support structure or even worse, to non-compliant structural integrity in the support structure.  We also know that a substructure manufactured of substandard quality and structural integrity can lead to irreparable damage to your company and your brand.

In 2016 we decided to use our comprehensive engineering experience in signage to extend our services to also include canopy manufacturing. This allowed us to not only provide the signage but also the substructure for the signage installation.  We can therefore supply you with an exceptional canopy structure because we already understand the potential signage installation challenges. 

We also developed a unique canopy structure design that can be completely assembled on the ground and lifted by manpower using block and tackle. This design does not only drastically reduce the risk of working at heights, but overcomes the logistic problem of the poor availability and high cost of overhead cranes in outlying areas.

We offer a range of services to our canopy clients. These services include consultation, design, prototyping, custom manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Consultative Services and Project Management

At First African, the sales process begins with us thoroughly understanding the vision for your canopy, your goals and your budget.  Our sales executives will assist you to transform your vision into a high-quality and safely-installed canopy.  Our consultative services include preliminary surveys, conceptual drawings, and budget estimates.

We also believe in designating a specific project manager to your project. This ensures a personal touch and continuity throughout the project and prevents miscommunication and unnecessary delays.

Canopy Design

Our commercial canopy design service starts with our professional, in-house design team preparing drawings that include critical dimensions, material specification and essential information.

Using our extensive knowledge of local and international engineering standards, we are able to supply unique designs that adhere to your requirements while complying with all regulations.

Our designers will work closely with your engineering team to ensure adherence to all standards.  3D CAD and product life cycle management software are utilised to manage and protect your data throughout the different design phases.

Custom Canopy Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility is ISO certified and all manufacturing is done according to these standards.

We believe in using advanced equipment that allows us to continually improve product quality and production techniques. 

Installation Service

We have installation crews across Africa and have resources available to handle installations of all sizes and complexity levels.  All installation teams participate in ongoing safety and installation training and our fleet boast vehicles that are on strict maintenance schedules. 

For large projects requiring multinational installations, our project managers have established relationships with top tier installation companies within Africa.

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